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The jobs of today are not the jobs of tomorrow, and our students must be prepared for this global reality. The US Department of Education reports that the number of STEM/STEAM jobs in the United States will grow by 14% from 2008 to 2020, compared to 5-8% overall job growth. Many of our teachers feel overwhelmed with the content knowledge required to facilitate projects incorporating concepts of applied science and mathematics during their elementary and middle school years. A+Educators STEAM training is intensely hands on and carefully sequenced. This design makes it possible for non science and math teachers to successfully facilitate these lessons. A+ Educators’ curriculum team has carefully designed training modules that incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) skills into kits that are ready to use, complete with all required resources. Each module incorporates those skills that the future workforce will require, along with art and design integration to encourage innovation. The modules progress through scientific topics, gradually building conceptual understanding of larger topics. Activities encourage the participants to ask questions, problem solve, collaborate and create.

All STEAM kits include:
• Easy to follow lessons with concepts clearly explained.
• Primary, elementary and middle level STEAM skills.
• Necessary technology (iPads required for most, see each lesson for requirements.

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Level I Kits (Primary)

Level II Kits (Elementary)

Level III Kits (Secondary)

For more information on how you can take your STEAM program to the next level, contact:
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