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Transforming Learning with Chromebooks

A Plus Educators’ Transforming Learning with Chromebooks incorporates new technologies and proven methodologies to increase school‐wide student academic achievement. This program gets your staff prepared for using best practices and strategies when implementing 1:1 Chromebooks via a 2-day, hands-on training. During the course of the 2 days, teachers will learn how to integrate Google Apps for Education into their planning and classroom routine while using Chromebooks to their fullest potential. A+ Educators can also customize this program to your school’s specific needs.


ELEVATE Chrome is…

Comprehensive ‐ This program supports district‐wide initiatives and introduces educators and administrators to the tools that best allow them to work together to meet the needs of students. These tools include Google Search, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and so much more! ELEVATE Chrome includes a digital library of supplemental materials, lessons, and resources to support the transformative use of the Chromebooks in the classroom. Many of these resources allow the teacher to incorporate the technology without compromising their current teaching priorities or their core textbook series.

Transformative ‐ This high‐quality professional development includes Google essential training and appropriate use of applications. Technology‐rich lessons and alignment services help provide job-embedded support for teachers changing their pedagogy. ELEVATE Chrome training and support includes all resources necessary for establishing a blended classroom model. This approach reduces the teacher’s workload through streamlined classroom quizzing and testing, reduced grading requirements, and centralized progress reporting. The electronic assignment and submission features can also reduce the expense associated with paper-based activities.

Sustainable ‐ This program teaches skills that become a daily part of teaching practice. Teachers easily assimilate the skills learned into their classroom and are able to create an environment that increases rigor and makes technology use part of a student’s daily routine.

Differentiated – The resources provided allow for both remediation and acceleration. The Chromebooks become a tool for more differentiated instruction in the classroom. These innovative resources also reduce the planning burden for the teacher.


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