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iLearn: A Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge Instructional Support Program

The iPad has changed the landscape of education like no other device in history. Offering an intuitive, natural interface, a highly engaging and constantly updated library of applications and limitless possibilities for educational enrichment, classrooms all over the nation now utilize the device. Yet, studies show that schools face significant challenges as they prepare educators for teaching in iPad-enriched classrooms. Teachers need consistent professional development as well as high-quality, supplemental resources in order to most effectively make use of the device in their classrooms.

A+ Educators iLearn program has been specifically designed to help schools and districts successfully integrate iPad technology and achieve their learning goals in an authentic and meaningful way. This comprehensive support program delivers high-quality, job-embedded coaching as well as customized resources that are tailored to a school or districts’ unique needs.
With iLearn, your school or district can benefit from unprecedented opportunities to individualize learning. Working with a local design team, A+ Educators creates iPad-supported lessons and associated materials that are designed according to your learners’ strengths, weaknesses and interests. All lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and include complex text, scaffolding techniques and require students to infer and justify.

A robust library of digital instructional material aligned with the standards is included with the iLearn program, helping ease teachers’ transition into project-based learning. A constantly updated library of educational applications serves to provide new and exciting enrichment opportunities, and ongoing support is available on an unlimited basis through the NOW Channel, a team of educational and technical professionals with over 30 years of experience in instructional support.

Benefits of iLearn:

  • Students have more individual access to lessons, helping them better understand and communicate their understanding of the material
  • Teachers have immediate access to interactive lessons, study aids and productivity tools specifically aligned to their curriculum
  • All lessons integrate rich media, are aligned to the CCSS and can be integrated into maps and pacing guides
  • Schools utilizing iLearn note increased efficiency, knowledge retention and engagement
  • Special needs students benefit from pictures, audio recordings and the iPad touch interface
  • iLearn automatically updates school iPads with new applications and resources as they become available, easing the workload of instructional technology staff
  • Improved time management increases instructional time without burdening the teacher
  • Additional available technologies, such as classroom computers and interactive whiteboards, are integrated into the iLearn implementation and are supported with a rich library of instructional resources

The iLearn comprehensive support program can help your school or district enjoy a successful iPad implementation, create meaningful learning experiences and bring 21st century skills into the classroom.

For more information on the iLearn instructional support program, please call 866.626.7556 to speak with an A+ Team Member.

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