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Research studies have proven that interactive classroom systems—including interactive whiteboards, broadband and student response systems—have the potential to greatly impact student engagement and overall achievement. In Digital Nation, teachers benefit from job-embedded support and expertly designed model lessons scaffolded for THEIR learning.

Digital Nation includes access to state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard lessons, Web 2.0 projects, and constant, customized support to insure immediate classroom integration by teachers with all levels of technological proficiency. As teachers use these lessons and gain understanding of how they have been developed, they are better able to incorporate technology into their own classrooms.

A+ Educators has identified focus standards in the core content areas of mathematics, reading, writing, science and social studies, and has developed meaningful student projects utilizing Web 2.0 tools that include engaging qualities of student work and assessment of and for learning. Digital Nation makes it possible for any teacher to integrate technological resources into his or her classroom, while simultaneously ensuring students are learning required content at an accelerated pace.

For more information on Digital Nation, please contact NOW@4apluseducators.com or call 866.999.1399.