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ELEVATE is designed to help K-8 teachers deploy iPads in a 1:1 model. Teachers are provided with materials and training to assist in successful deployment. Student iPads are equipped with curated, grade-level apps that focus on math and language arts to help students build their foundational skills and technology proficiency. Specific, research-based anchor apps are selected to ensure your students are getting the best content and are prepared for success. Curated, content-creation apps are also included to allow teachers to integrate science and social studies into the students’ use of the iPads. For schools using the Engage NY Modules, creation and communication apps are used to transfer the work from a paper-based model to a tablet-based model. Teachers receive directions, sample lessons, and suggestions to help with the 1:1 implementation and successful use of the apps in the classroom.

Sample Level Information


The apps curated for Kindergarten are specific to the skills kindergarten students need to be successful and ready to move into first grade. These students will use language arts apps that focus on beginning-reading skills, phonics, and early-writing skills. They will use math apps to gain a strong understanding of number sense and beginning adding and subtracting skills. Teachers will be given sample center activities to help facilitate the use of the creation apps.

Third Grade

The apps that are curated for third grade focus on students strengthening reading and math skills. The language arts apps focus on fluency and comprehension with both fiction and informational text. The math apps focus on computational fluency, multiplication, and division. The apps selected have high-quality content to help your students understand the core ideas in both math and language arts. Included are creation apps that will allow students to integrate their reading and writing skills with the science and social studies topics being taught in the classroom.