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Michelle Bradley, Superintendent of the Lockport City School District, believed that the achievement levels of students with disabilities could be improved through redesigning special education programs in the district. As a result, 15:1:1 classes for students and teachers in kindergarten through 6th grade were introduced this school year. In addition, and building upon the success of the 1:1 iPad project at Roy B. Kelley Elementary School, Mrs. Bradley, along with the administrative team and teacher leaders began to search for efficient and effective resources that would make it possible to differentiate instruction and accelerate learning. After reviewing the PROPEL program, the district created Project PROPEL as a means to this end.

PROPEL is an iPad-based instructional platform designed specifically for students at risk of not passing high-stakes examinations in language arts and math. These resources, along with the corresponding instructional management system, work to ensure that students progress through the curriculum in a meaningful and comprehensive way, regardless of the wide range of ability levels in the classroom. Students who are at risk of failing need bell-to-bell instructional opportunities. PROPEL is designed to eliminate the “I’m done, now what?” classroom phenomenon by providing engaging practice activities for continuous learning. With PROPEL, each student completes daily tasks assigned electronically by the teacher. Students move through the tasks independently, providing teachers with the freedom to assist students as needed. As students signal completion of tasks, PROPEL periodically prompts the teacher to review student work for the purpose of formative assessment. Integrated progress-tracking encourages students to work toward achievements and allows teachers to document growth.

Lockport City School District is committed to researching and implementing instructional programs that help all students become college and career ready. If you are looking for solutions to the challenges districts like yours face, contact A+ Educators to arrange a visit to Roy B. Kelley to see Project PROPEL in action.


  • Marlene Anderson-Butler November 2, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    I’d like to learn more about Project Propel at Lockport CSD. I am a school administrator in the Mid Hudson Valley in New York. Perhaps I could schedule a visit to your district?

    Thank you.


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