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Code Your World: Introduction to Coding and Programming

Throughout this unit, students will be exposed to some of the aspects that a computer programmer would consider when coding a simple animation or game. Students will learn basic coding terms such as algorithm, conditional statements, loops, and events. The goal of this kit is for students to begin thinking about how video games and computers function. Students will practice coding skills by playing with OSMO’s coding game as well as create an animation using Scratch Jr.

Module 1: Algorithms
Module 2: If-Then Conditional Statements
Module 3: Loops
Module 4: Events
Module 5: Designing/Coding

• Osmo Coding Game Set (4)
• Osmo Starter Set (4)
• scissors (30)
• glue sticks (30)
• construction paper (1)
• deck of cards (4)
• Legos (1)
• Lego baseplates (4)
• Lego people (4)
*** Requires iPad 3+


Engineers Use Robotics to Solve Problems

Throughout this unit, students will be exposed to robots and the Engineering Design Process. The goal of the kit is to encourage students to explore robotics and coding through play. Students will work to solve a problem by identifying the problem, asking questions, and imagining how they can help solve the problem.

Module 1: Engineers and the Design Process
Module 2: Engineers Ask
Module 3: Engineers Imagine
Module 4: Engineers Plan
Module 5: Engineers Create and Improve
Module 6: Engineering on Your Own **Optional

• Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty (1)
• Pete the Cat Construction Destruction (1)
• Engineering Design Process Magnets (1)
• Sphero Spark+ (6)
• Sphero Chariots (6)
• K’nex (1)
• journals (30)
• crayons (30 packs)
• colored pencils (30 packs)
• pencils (30)
*** Requires iPad 3+ OR Android with OS 4.4.2 or higher