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13 Nov

Create a new found excitement and understanding  for math by incorporating these motivating Web 2.0 resources.  They have all been chosen with Common Core Math standards in mind, these tools will have your students getting a hands on approach to their math lessons while incorporating the use of technology.





National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

There are over 100 interactive manipulatives that help strengthen and deepen students’ understanding of math.


Splash Math Grade One or Two

This app engages students in creating their own pictures and sentences in a fun, interactive environment.


Illustrative Mathematics

This website illustrates  the range and types of mathematical work that students experience in a faithful implementation of the Common Core State Standards.


Thinking Blocks

Thinking Blocks is a free 1st-6th website that provides learning tools to solve word problems accurately and efficiently. For each grade level, there is specific practice directly to the Common Core standards which require students to model their answers. Instruction and practice is provided.


Chart Gismo

Students can create pie,bar, line, ring, and Cartesian Graphs using this free online tool.


Visual Fractions

This site gives students a visual representation of fractions by using either a number line or circles.  It includes visual representations for subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.


Ten Marks

Students are able to work at their own pace on different math skills while the program guides them through intervention and progression depending on each individual students needs.

6-8 Buzzmath A large number of online math problems aligned to the Common Core Standards provide students with instant feedback and detailed instruction.
3-6 Yummy Math Yummy Math provides teachers and students with math activities that are relevant to their life today.
6-8 Survey Monkey Students can design, collect, and analyze surveys through the Survey Monkey Website.
HS Get The Math This website shows students how algebra is used in the real world, while also providing them with an interactive challenege related to those careers.
HS Collaborize Classroom Collaborize Classroom is a place for teachers to facilitate discussions about mathematical concepts with their students online.
6-12 Creately Creately can give your visual learners a way to create flow charts and diagrams in order to map out how to solve complex problems.

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