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02 May

College students in a computer lab

Give your end-of-year projects a new twist by incorporating engaging Web 2.0 resources. Read on for some great project ideas that will help you finish off the year with gusto!

1. Create and share a comic about your favorite school memories or events during the school year.  Choose from one of the following comic creator websites, depending on your students’ age group:

Manga Comic Creator


Read Write Think

Make Beliefs Comix

2. Have each student create a virtual poster comparing himself/herself from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Use two pictures, one from the beginning of the year and one from the end of the year. Then have the student write about how he/she has changed physically, mentally, and academically this year.


3. Have students leave behind advice for those who will follow in their footsteps through a podcast or video.

Tech How To: Podcasts

4. Students can create a Wordle using words to describe their favorite moments during the school year.


5. Create a survey for students about their favorite events of the school year and graph the results.

Survey Monkey

Kids Zone

Create a Graph

6. Students can create a game, similar to Jeopardy, using the SMART or Promethean board software. They can quiz other students on their favorite topic of the year.


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