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28 Mar

Fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards and designed by A+ Educators Digital Nation, these expertly constructed interactive whiteboard lessons provide students with the opportunity to actively engage with multimedia content exploring ancient civilizations, empires and even their own history. We’ve also included a wonderful cyber bullying prevention lesson that could be used with higher grade levels. We hope you and your students enjoy them!

Click on the links below to download the sample lessons. In order to view these lessons, you must have SMART Notebook and/or Promethean ActivInspire downloaded on your computer.

Grades K-2
About Me – SMART
About Me – Promethean

Grades 3-5
Civil and Revolutionary Wars – SMART
Civil and Revolutionary Wars – Promethean

Grades 6-8
The Ancient Hebrews – SMART
The Ancient Hebrews – Promethean

Grades 9-12
The Byzantine Empire – SMART
The Byzantine Empire – Promethean

Grades 6-12
Cyber Bullying – SMART
Cyber Bullying – Promethean

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