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23 Feb

As educators, sometimes we come across iPad applications that make us so excited, we can’t wait for the opportunity to introduce them in our classroom. Learn, share and research a variety of different Science topics with these user-friendly iPad apps that explore how the world works.

We hope these help enhance your instruction, stir up inquiry and encourage your students to be Science-minded. Enjoy!

Grades K-2
•   Dinosaurs World – This app is loaded with information on over 40 different dinosaurs and provides students with a vocal memory match game.
•   Animals Forest Adventure – Filled with beautiful illustrations and animations, this game teaches students about forest and wildlife animals.

Grades 3-5
•   How Stuff Works for iPad – This award-winning app features over 40,000 articles and 12,000 videos from the HowStuffWorks and Discovery archive.
•   NASA App HD – Explore thousands of images and videos of planets, moons, comets, meteorites and more.

Grades 6-8
•   GoSkyWatch Planetarium – Students can easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, constellations and more with a touch or by simply pointing to the sky.
•   Science 360 – A National Science Foundation app, this resource integrates high definition photos, video clips and articles into a 360 degree grid. Pinch to zoom in on more detail and spread your fingers to see more options.

Grades 9-12
•   3D Cell Stain – Learn about the cell and its structures through this app’s 3D model. You can also explore cellular imaging.
•   Xperica HD – Explore four free experiments that deepen understanding of the Law of Moments, specific heat of water, resistance in series and spring and bob oscillations.

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