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10 Feb

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Here are some resources to support you in your PBL endeavors.

PBL 7Rubrics

A staple of any project-based learning classroom, rubrics keep teachers and students focused and organized with clearly stated guidelines. The links below provide checklists and templates for designing effective project-based rubrics.

PBL Checklists
PBL Editable Rubrics


Planning Forms and Student HandoutsPBL 8

Check out these planning forms and student handouts from the Buck Institute for Education:

Planning Forms
Student Handouts





Multimedia Presentation Tools


Here are some dynamic multimedia options for presenting student projects:

This versatile, browser-based tool enables students to combine blogging, videos, and photographs on interactive Google Earth and Google Maps.

PBL 10
This voiceover tool allows students to record their voices and spark discussion. Visit the the site to see a variety of ways it is currently used in the classroom.

Click here to learn about how podcasts can be used in the PBL classroom.


Management Tools

EdmodoPBL 10

In many PBL classrooms, Edmodo is an indispensable tool for project management and assessment.




DiigoPBL 11

Diigo allows for collaborative reading and sharing of ideas. Students bookmark and share online articles and documents. Text is highlighted and comments on the text are embedded.


PBL 12Evernote

Evernote is a powerful organization tool. Students can set up folders by project or group, curate images, videos, audio notes, web pages, or text files, send notes and other files by email, and use as a document creator.



PBL 13Scrumy is a project management tool that allows the user to set goals and organize/assign tasks which they can track through completion.


PBL 14Mindmeister

Mind Meister is a concept mapping tool that allows for collaborative brainstorming and concept analysis during project planning.




PBL Websites

WixPBL 9
Students can easily create their own websites at wix.com. They will need to sign up for a free account.


Google DrivePBL 8

Google gives students, teachers, and project teams the tools they need to collaborate, create, and edit content simultaneously.


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