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08 Mar

Where do you begin? Integrating social media into classroom instruction may seem intimidating. You may be wondering what sites to use, how and when to use them, etc. Fortunately, due to social media, you have access to a vast network of educators that have gone before you and have shared their experiences. We’ve compiled some of the best online resources from educational social networks to help guide you in getting started.


OnlineCollege.org: 100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom

The Online College has compiled a list of 100 ways of using Facebook as a learning tool that includes projects, assignments, collaboration, and discussion.


An Educator’s Guide to Twitter

This Live Binder by Steven Anderson (@web20classrom) covers everything an educator needs to know about Twitter–a great place to start!

Edudemic: 25 Ways to Use Twitter In the Classroom, by Degree of Difficulty

This downloadable file, called the “Twitter Spectrum,” provides a visual map of classroom ideas.

Edudemic: How I Use Twitter in My Classroom

This article by Felicia Young describes the way she uses Twitter to integrate writing into her math classroom.

Google +:

Google+ in the Classroom:

This presentation shares ways of using Google+ in the classroom along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Edudemic: 25 Education Technology Google+ Accounts to Check Out

This article shares the top educational technology users to follow to keep up with the trends of educational technology.


TeachThought: Why Scoopit Is Becoming an Indispensable Learning Tool

This article by the TeachThought staff discusses Scoop.it! and the ways it can help to meet the Common Core State Standards.


The Innovative Educator- 8 Ways to Use Social Media to Connect and Coordinate with Parents

This article will share ideas for using social media to engage with and involve parents in the school community.






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