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30 Jan

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Do you have students who say they hate math? If you’re looking for new ways to enliven your math lessons, look no further! You can energize your classroom and show students how exciting math can be with Web 2.0 tools and websites that have been specially designed for math instruction. Activities that incorporate these tools can teach students everything from number lines to Calculus in a fun and engaging way. We hope this list of useful, interactive Web 2.0 resources help you get your students excited about math!

Grades K-2

  • Time for Time – Students can learn minutes, quarter hours, half hours and more with this interactive clock
  • Fuel the Brain Base 10 Blocks – A great tool that allows students to use virtual base ten blocks to count by ones, tens and hundreds
  • Math Tool Chest – This site offers spinners, number lines, coin toss and pattern block tools

Grades 3-5

  • Phet Estimation – This estimation game provides multiple levels of difficulty and easy accessibility
  • Kids’ Zone Create a Graph – Students can create bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts and more with this useful tool
  • Poll Everywhere – Use this free polling tool for pre-assessment, checking for understanding or review

Grades 6-8

  • Lure of the Labyrinth – Aligned to national standards, this interactive game teaches students Pre-Algebra using math-based puzzles within a narrative
  • MathMovesU – Explore games, quizzes, flashcards, puzzles and more for a variety of math topics, including percents, data analysis, ratios and fractions
  • Quizlet – Make digital flashcards and more with this exciting tool   

Grades 9-12

  • Mathway – Students create their own math problems, share them with others and can also make quizzes, worksheets and graphs
  • Wolfram MathWorld – Over a thousand interactive demonstrations, LiveGraphics 3D applets and other resources are available at this site for Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Number Theory and more
  • Google Sketchup – This tool lets students create a variety of interactive 3D models


Do you have a favorite Web 2.0 tool or website you use in your math classroom that’s not listed above? Let us know about it and share it with your fellow educators by leaving us a comment.

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