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27 Feb

Did you know that there are many applications currently available that encourage positive study habits, build time management skills and can help make students’ study time more efficient and effective? Check out the list of time-saving productivity apps below and consider introducing them in your classrooms. We’re confident that you’ll notice improvement in your students’ day-to-day scheduling, referencing and studying abilities.

inClass – A note-taking app that helps students keep track of courses and reminders

Quizlet’s Flashcards* – The world’s most popular flashcard app

Art Collections – A wonderfully robust reference app that provides access to more than 25,000 pieces of fine art

Merriam Webster Dictionary – America’s most useful dictionary designed and enhanced for the iPad

Brainscape – This app helps students learn more efficiently by personalizing the timing of their study patterns

iScroll – A large library of books, lectures and speeches synchronized with word-for-word narrated audio

Do you encourage your students to use other apps to help increase their productivity? Share your favorites with your fellow teachers by leaving a comment.

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