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06 Jun

Have you ever wondered what Digital Nation is or how it might benefit your school or district?

I was an elementary teacher with a SMART Board in my classroom before joining the A+ Team as an Education Specialist with Digital Nation almost a year ago.  At this time, I was confident that I was using the SMART Board and SMART Notebook software to its fullest potential in a manner that was engaging for my students.

Within a few short weeks of moving from the classroom to my current position, I realized that I was nowhere near a master at using this technology! There were so many exciting, interactive tools and resources that I hadn’t known about and that Digital Nation was bringing to educators nationwide. It was an eye-opening experience, and I was thrilled to be learning how I could help fellow educators and their students benefit from this knowledge as well.

Digital Nation is an amazing resource for teachers. This service not only creates customized interactive whiteboard lessons using the latest technology and resources, but teachers who are part of the program also have thousands of lessons at their fingertips with our Online Course Library. Best of all, all of the lessons in the OCL can be instantly downloaded for immediate use. This is a great timesaver for the ever-busy teacher, and it also serves as built-in training on the whiteboard software, helping teachers become proficient in using interactive lessons or even designing their own lessons! Beyond that, Digital Nation also offers its teachers a full tech support team.

After having a SMART Board in my classroom for six years, I knew I would never be able to teach without it. Now, if I ever go back to the classroom, I know it will have to be not only with the board, but also with a district that subscribes to Digital Nation!

Nicole Costa
Education Specialist
A+ Educators

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