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As a previous elementary school teacher, I loved getting the opportunity to attend professional development workshops and grow as an educator. However, it was always a challenge going back to my classroom the next day, trying to juggle all the notes I took in order to implement the content into my classroom. Now, I love sharing Coaching for Achievement with other teachers because it gives them the resources educators need to take a workshop back to their classroom with ease and efficiency!  It’s a wonderful resource and a highly-effective way to deliver continuous professional development.

The Five Ws of Coaching for Achievement

Who? Everyone benefits from Coaching for Achievement! Teachers, principals, parents and students all benefit from improved teaching practices.

What? Coaching for Achievement provides professional development workshops on the following topics: Differentiated Instruction, Six Traits of Writing, Response to Intervention, SMART Notebook and Promethean ActivInspire.

Where? Anywhere! Coaching for Achievement allows professional development workshops to take place wherever an educator feels is most convenient. It can be instantly downloaded or delivered on an iPad platform.

When? Anytime! Implementation of these workshops is very flexible. A principal can choose to hold a one-day workshop whenever they wish, or if delivered on an iPad, the tablet can be checked out by individual teachers or small groups for instruction. This allows teachers to complete their professional development on their own terms.

Why? Giving teachers the flexibility to pace their professional development is essential to their growth. Coaching for Achievement gives educators the opportunity to learn at their own speed and is also an excellent resource for review. No more juggling notes! Now, the information teachers need to continue strengthening their skills can always be at their fingertips.

Shauna Ellis
Education Specialist
Coaching for Achievement Series

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