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26 Apr

As an educator, you know that every student has a unique outlook and voice. Available classroom technology now provides a wide range of opportunities for cost-effective, creative expression. Students can even share their work with their peers across the world! Take advantage of virtual paints, musical instruments, galleries and movie making tools with these wonderful, free iPad apps that allow students to easily capture and share their ideas and creations with others. Enjoy!

Grades K-2
Congas – Students can choose between four sets of incredibly realistic sounding conga drums to play
Bubble and Pebble Story – This engaging app allows students to create their own Bubble and Pebble adventure stories and illustrations

Grades 3-5
Harmonious – An intuitive sketch pad that includes tools for easily creating impressive works of art
Videolicious – Students can use this app to create video stories about themselves

Grades 6-8
Animation Creator HD Lite – This free version of Animation Creator lets students build their own characters, dialogue, audio elements and animations for stories
MindBlowing – A fabulous, multimedia mindmapping app that allows students to collect and compile audio clips, short videos and images

Grades 9-12
Fotopedia Heritage – This Hall of Fame app provides access to more than 25,000 high-quality photos
VoiceThread – A personal portfolio app that lets students post videos, drawings, images and more that their classmates can comment on

Grades K-12
Moodboard Lite – Students can brainstorm for projects or compile collections of photos, color swatches, quotes and more that inspire them
Soundrop – A wonderful app that mixes geometry and music where students have the opportunity to use different instruments and create their own musical compositions

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