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Online Course Library

The Online Course Library from A+ Educators is a collection of research-based learning instructional programs, live online sessions for curriculum enhancement, multimedia resources embedded within the content structure, and implementation support. It consists of core curriculum content supported by an extensive instructional management system. Content addresses reading, writing, mathematics, science, and the social sciences for first through twelfth grades, containing over 6,000 lessons with over 100,000 exercises, and representing over 6,700 hours of instruction.

You can utilize the Online Course Library for any of the following purposes:

  • Credit recovery
  • Curriculum expansion
  • Summer school
  • Remediation
  • Home schooling
  • Substitute days
  • Core curriculum enhancement

Focused on essential skills and using proven teaching methods as well as graphic and web-based support, the Online Course Library’s emphasis is on clear, focused instruction with frequent feedback. It contains review and re-teaching components as well as planned sequences of lessons to assure mastery of content. These design principles are based on scientific research and are the basis for the instructional programs. Content in the Online Course Library is aligned to standards and testing programs of all 50 states.

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