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November 2012 Newsletter - Common Core State Standards and Math
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A New Approach

What is so different about the new Common Core State Standards for math? Are the Common Core State Mathematics Standards really so different? Read on for an overview of the new Common Core approach to teaching math and what these changes mean for educators…

Common Core Changes

  A New Approach  
  Web 2.0 Tools   iPad Apps  

Web 2.0 Adds Value

Create a new found excitement and understanding for math by incorporating these motivating Web 2.0 resources. They have all been choosen with Common Core Math standards in mind...


Math Apps

Spruce up your math instruction! Ipads can be just the right tool to provide students with hands-on experiences that are critical to the teaching of the Common Core standards…

  Web 2.0 Resources   iPad Apps  
  TWO Workshops for the Price of ONE  
  Interactive Whiteboard Lessons   Common Core Resources  

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Start building your library of Common Core-aligned whiteboard lessons. Our experts at A+ Educators/ Digital Nation have designed these engaging interactive whiteboard lessons to support concepts within the CCSMS…


Common Core Resources

Have the Common Core State Standards for Math left you confused and exhausted? Try these free resources to help you gain a better understanding of the standards. These sites also offer lesson ideas, tools, and more…

Featured Lessons

Professional Development for the 21st Century
Advance your interactive whiteboard skills and knowledge with these engaging, hands-on workshops:

  iPad iPad Essentials  

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