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June/July 2012 Newsletter
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  Congratulations to Henry Dunkerson for winning a seat at the
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Everything Technology

With all of the apps, websites, and gadgets available to us today, there truly is something for everyone out there with the Web 2.0. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming with all of the resources now that are available. Rest assured that technology is here to make your life easier and to help you to achieve your goals. Here are a few recent tech tips…

Technology Tips

  Everything Technology  
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Web 2.0 That Works

Summer Sites for teachers and parents: You have a lot to accomplish. Let these Web 2.0 resources help you organize, prioritize and innovate so that you can get it all done...


Productivity Apps for Students

Here are some free teacher productivity iPad apps that you can use for any and all aspects of classroom instruction and serve as a mechanism for educators that are important to the day to day life of an educator.

  Web 2.0 Tools   iPad Apps  
  Digital Nation now has individual user subscriptions!  
  Interactive Whiteboard Tutorials   iPad Tips and Tricks  

SMART and Promethean Tutorials

To get the most out of your interactive whiteboard you need to be proficient with this stimulating teaching tool. Learn how to provide your students with engaging and meaningful learning experiences…


Summer Resources for Parents

Parents can use the resources collected here to keep students learning, growing and having fun all summer long. From online island-hopping adventures to fun in the sun games…

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Professional Development for the 21st Century
Advance your interactive whiteboard skills and knowledge with these engaging, hands-on workshops:

  iPad iPad Immersion SMART Notebook SMART Immersion  

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